Nightlife List

What to do in NRW; the Ruhr-Rhein, Ruhrpott and Surrounding Area?




Tuesday – 7th Feb – night – Gin&Jazz Fine live jazz paired with Gin+Tonic at a special price” Flurklinik, Düsseldorf

Wednesday – 8th Feb – night – Thank God it’s Monday! Trivago Academy in Düsseldorf

Thursday – 9th Feb – night – Platten-Pingpong (DJ battle) – everything from from Polish jazz to experimental music to Coldwave and Punk, at Kassette in Düsseldorf | Punkworks Superfunk DJ gig at Cubanitos, Düsseldorf

Friday – 10th Feb – night – Take Me Out indie rock night in Cube, Düsseldorf

Saturday – 11th Feb – night – Too Good to Be Bad – all craft beers, all 2EUR, at Britische-Bier craft beer store, Düsseldorf Oberbilk.

Sunday – 12th Feb – day – Historic Jahrmarket in Bochum.



Friday night – 6th Jan – Friday SoulKIT at KIT Cafe. | Flying Funk Circus – Funkexplosion mit DJ Himself at Prinz Albert.

Saturday night – 7th Jan – mr.simmons //minimalstation meets Prinz Albert, Düsseldorf | Going east and beyond photo exhibition at Goldkante, Bochum. Photos from the eastern part of the world, such as Kazakhstan, Laos or Georgia.

Sunday – 8th Jan – Pixelbörse Retrogaming at ZZak Düsseldorf, 3EUR entry, 12:00-18:00 | Sunday up market at Boui Boui Bilk, Düsseldorf, 12:00-18:00.

Tuesday night – 10th Jan – Gin & Jazz at Flurklinik, Düsseldorf | Pitcher Poetry Slam at Rock’n’Roll HQ Düsseldorf

Wednesday night – 11th Jan – Couchsurfing meetup at Ti Ra Nog Irish Pub, Düsseldorf | Who Opens the Urban Space? free seminar at Life At Trivago Academy, Düsseldorf | Multi-Cultural Social Exchange at die wohngemeinschaft, Cologne | Entreprenuers’ Exchange meetup at Schwan Pempelfort, Düsseldorf

Thursday night – 12th Jan – Punkworks Funk DJ gig at Cubanitos, Düsseldorf Altstadt | Multinational-Intercultural Meetup at PAULS, Düsseldorf

Friday night – 13th Jan – Practise German at The Overseas Club, Cologne | Flying Funk Circus DJ night at Prinz Albert, Flingern Düsseldorf

Saturday night – 14th Jan – Nachtkonsum Nachtflohmarkt Boui Boui Bilk Düsseldorf |  Punk it Up at Magnapop, Krefeld | Depeche Mode, Cologne Live Music Hall

Wednesday night – 25th Jan – Life Cycle Of A Start-Up free seminar at Life At Trivago Academy, Düsseldorf

Thursday – 26th Jan – afternoon Startup BBQ Düsseldorf #8 | Nerd Nite 9 Düsseldorf Boui Boui Bilk, Düsseldorf | night – 26th Jan – Punkworks Superfunk DJ gig at Cubanitos, Düsseldorf Altstadt

Friday – 27th Jan – night – Beer Brothers – Dokumentarfilm und Gespräch Alles Gär Bar Bochum | Straight outta Phunktron funk night at Prinz Albert, Düsseldorf

Saturday – 28th Jan – day – Schottisches Bierfestival at Britsche Bier shop, Düsseldorf | night – 28th Jan – Elektronacht Punkworks DJ gig at Prinz Albert

Sunday – 29th Jan – day – Schneeballschlacht Festival Düsseldorf

Monday – 30th Jan- night – BOOMBOX VOL. 4 Monday night party, Düsseldorf

Wednesday – 1st Feb – afternoon – “From Failure To Innovation” Academy by Yannick Kwik at Trivago, Düsseldorf

Thursday – 2nd Feb – evening – Thirsty Thursday craft beer tasting at Hausmann’s, Düsseldorf | Opening Düsseldorf Photo Weekend NRW Forum, Düsseldorf

Friday – 3rd Feb – evening – Parkleuchten 2017 light festival at Grugapark, Essen | night – Flying Funk Circus – wild style! at Prinz Albert, Düsseldorf