Pixel Börse


Sunday, 8 Janurary @ Zakk, Fichtenstraße 40, 40233 Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf apparently has a lively retrogaming community and some good retrogaming stores.

PIXELBÖRSE might be the gateway to learning more. 3EUR entry to play retro games and eat “console food” (not sure I want to know).

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Trivago Academy


Every Wednesday Life at Trivago hosts a weekly academy. Every Wednesday. It’s free, in English and open to the pubic.

This week was “New Technologies in the Sharing Economy” with Jurjen De Vries (pictured):

“I intuitively trust in serendipity and I’m always hungry for knowledge about new technologies. That way I became one of Google’s Top Contributors and was one of the first in the Netherlands that tested the Google Glass”

Next week sees entertainer, magician, host, bestselling author and keynote speaker Thorsten Havener unraveling the secrets of non-verbal communication. We’ve all heard that one before. The techniques Thorsten uses are apparently being used in space travel and by the military, mediators, interrogation specialists and the intelligence services: could be handy to know.